Sutton Forest Olives Visit site

We worked with Sutton Forest Olives and developed an e-commerce website that showcases their brand and allows customers to easily purchase their produce online.

The delivered solution is extremely easy to manage, optimised for fast loading times and is desktop, tablet and mobile device compatible.


  • Built to be desktop & mobile phone friendly
  • Shopping cart & PayPal integration
  • ExpressionEngine Content Management System
  • Google PageSpeed score of 98+
  • Non-blocking/dynamically loaded JavaScript


Initially, the website was designed and built by another web-design firm. We were approached to review the work done by this firm and it was found that the site was very poorly designed, coded and implemented.

The problems with the initial site included:

  • Site didn't work at all on mobile phones; text was hidden, footer was unusable, main menu system was hidden and shopping cart was unusable
  • The choice of Wordpress as the Content Management System was confusing and difficult to use
  • The plugin to manage the online store was difficult to use
  • The provided theme was very poorly built
  • Site loaded slowly due to heavy use of external resources & JavaScript, poor quality hosting and inefficient underlying code
  • Overall quality was poor

Due to the poor quality of work we decided it'll be easier to throw out all the work by the original web-designer, and start again.

The Delivered Solution

The solution we provided consisted of the following components:

  • ExpressionEngine for the Content Management System
  • Expresso-Store for the Shopping Cart Integration
  • Base HTML templates built, before turning into ExpressionEngine templates
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3 mobile first front-end framework
  • Paypal integration for customer payments
  • Click and Send integration for product postage/tracking
  • Full documentation, including end-user usage documentation provided
  • Keyword marketing on Google via Adwords


The delivered solution was brought in under budget.

Website Management and Store Management

One of the busines owners concerns was ensuring that the site was extremely easy to use and manage. As a successfully growing business, they wanted all the benefits of being able to manage their own website and online store without it being needlessly complex or difficult to learn.

The Backend

As you can see from the screenshots on the right, ExpressionEngine is incredibly clean, simply and easy to use.

We've customised the menu system to only show the features that Sutton Forest Olives requires, such as Adding Recipes, managing their Online Store, adding Blog Posts and Website Pages. The documentation we also created for them is easily accessible online as-well.

Shopping Cart Backend Features

We've set-up the shopping cart backend to have a few nifty features including:

  • Australia Post tracking information is automatically e-mailed to the customer when the product is dispatched.
  • 4-weeks after the order is delivered, an automatic "How are your products?" is sent to the customer asking if they've enjoyed their shopping experience.
  • Ability to refund credit card payments from within the backend without having to go to Paypal's website.
  • Monthly PDF sales reports e-mailed to the owners with graphs and performance metrics.