OurBribie.com Visit site

OurBribie.com is Bribie Island's most visited and trusted tourism, events and local community site. With over 120,000 tourism related visitors, 10,000+ Facebook followers and seen as the trusted voice in the local community - OurBribie.com has been one of our most involved website builds.

Our relationship with OurBribie.com is a continuous one. Not only are we the developers of their site, we play a key role with their online marketing campaigns and implementing the entire solution: Stripe credit card payment facilities, Facebook application, custom ExpressionEngine plugins, community submission tools and a host of other bits and pieces.

The delivered solution is extremely easy to manage, optimised for fast loading times and is desktop, tablet and mobile device compatible.

Solution Highlights

  • Built to be desktop & mobile phone friendly
  • Shopping cart & Stripe credit card integration
  • ExpressionEngine Content Management System
  • Suite of custom ExpressionEngine plugins to support website advertising, events management, community submissions + more
  • Long-term support and strategic development
  • Search Engine Optimisation and online marketing
  • End user development and education with online marketing strategies

Major Components

OurBribie.com has been a constant evolution, what initially started as a simple site that quickly out grew Wordpress is now a completely custom designed and developed site built on-top of ExpressionEngine by us at TotalServe. While there is many components that make up the entire solution, here are the major highlights:


ExpressionEngine powers the content on the website, and how it's managed. From event information, accommodation bookings, member management, blog posts and more.

We've built a suite of custom ExpressionEngine plugins that powers not only the website, but also feeds data into iPhone/iOS and Facebook applications.

Online Marketing

We've meticulously analysed months of data & implemented a long-term online marketing campaign that has resulted in OurBribie.com becoming the areas #1 tourism website.

Implementing good a online marketing strategy is hard. It requires deeply understand the businesses and it's goal, understanding technology and how to best utilise it, understanding Internet Standards, knowing basic psychology and understanding human behaviour.

Stripe / Credit Card

The site offers local businesses the ability to sell their own products and services, plus businesses in the tourism industry can sell accommodation, event ticketing and special deals.

This is all powered by ExpressionEngine and our custom developed modules that utilise Stripe as the secure underlaying credit card processor.