Terms & Conditions

In order to become a customer of any TotalServe services, you must agree to the following terms and conditions. We think they're entirely fair and in short we promise to do right by you, with our heavy commitment to your privacy and security of information.

About this document:

This is version 1.3 of our Terms and Conditions, last updated on January 24, 2013.

If we make any changes in the future, a history of changes will be available at the end of this document.

How to report abuse:

Please report any violations of our Terms and Conditions to abuse@totalserve.net.au.

Please note that due to our Privacy Policy, we won't be able to give you any information regarding any action we take in response to your report, but we will give it full consideration.

Table of Contents

General Terms and Conditions

This is the TotalServe (Innovative Paska Pty Ltd A.B.N. 96 106 856 633 trading as TotalServe, or We/Us) Terms & Conditions ("the Agreement") for any services ("Services") provided to you, subject to these Terms and Conditions.

We may change this Agreement or add new conditions at any time provided that we give you 30-days notice.


You must provide accurate, complete and current information about yourself and if applicable your business as needed for registration and payment. In the event of a change, you must promptly update the registration information to ensure that it remains accurate, complete and current.

TotalServe will handle registration information in accordance with a published private policy ("Privacy Policy") available at http://www.totalserve.net.au/legal/privacy-policy

We may, at our sole discretion and in writing, waive in advance the requirement to provide or maintain registration information if we are to provide anonymous hosting services.

Billing & Payments

If you acquire ongoing Services from Us, a regular invoice will be delivered via e-mail or at your request, postal mail. We will charge you a processing fee of $3.50 for invoices delivered to you by postal mail.

We will bill you:

Each Service is billed in regular cycles (monthly, quarterly or yearly, as determined by your Registration) from the relevant due date for that Service. We will bill you in accordance with the billing period described in your Registration or as otherwise notified to you by Us. We may vary the billing period applicable to your Service(s) by notice in writing to you.

You must pay each amount billed by the due date specified in the bill.

Late Payments Policy

We do not typically charge a late payment fee unless your Services have a history of late payment. A history of late payment will be determined when:

If your Services have a history of late payment, we will:

Refund Policy

As-well as all the rights and consumer guarantees available to you under the Australian Consumer Law, we additionally offer a flexible refund policy that ensures that you can try our services without taking any big risks.

We will refund the unused balance of your account(s) and cancel your membership at any time upon request.

We typically issue refunds through the same method (e.g. Direct Deposit, credit card, etc) that you used to pay Us and we aim to complete all refunds within three (3) business days.

Transfer of Services

You and another entity may jointly request that we transfer some or all Services (web-sites, virtual private servers, etc) from one account owner to another, such as because of the sale of a business or change of business owner.

We will require confirmation from both the current account owner and the future account owner to verify that the transfer is legitimate.


You are solely responsible for any and all information, literature, software, works of art, or any other materials ("Content") you make available using the Services.

You must not upload, publish or otherwise use the Services to make available any Content that:

Should you commit or distribute child porngraphy of any kind in conjunction with your Services, we will ensure all efforts are made to wreak dreadful vengeance upon you to the fullest extent of the law.


You must not:

We may provide a variety of ancillary services from time to time for the express purpose of facilitating your ability to upload and manage your Content. You may not use said ancillary services (including but not limited to ssh access) for any other purpose.