Copyright & Repeat Infringer Policy

TotalServe has an obligation under Australian law to follow the laws of copyright and take our responsibilities seriously. We strongly believe in treating our customers fairly and we most certainly don't monitor their activities, but we will take action under certain circumstances set out in our Repeat Infringer Policy.

About this document:

This is version 1.0 of our Copyright & Repeat Infringer Policy, last updated on January 24, 2013.

If we make any changes in the future, a history of changes will be available at the end of this document.

How to report abuse:

To report any violations of our Copyright Policy, please see our Claimed Infringement of Copyright.

Please note that due to our commitment to our customers privacy and as per our Privacy Policy, we won't be able to give you any information regarding a customer unless required by an Australian court order.

Table of Contents

Copyright Policy

Copyright is the exclusive rights for creators of original works, such as protecting their works from unauthorised distribution or use. The sort of works that falls into copyright territory includes movies, music, books and computer software.

Despite the unclear nature of copyright laws in Australia, TotalServe doesn't authorised or condone copyright infringement. Our Terms and Conditions state that customers must not use TotalServe's services to infringe on any person's rights - this includes intellectual property rights and copyright.

We also have a policy that applies to people who infringe the law. See our Repeat Infringer Policy below for more information.

TotalServe does not volunteer personal or customer information to copyright holders or any other third party, unless they obtain an Australian court order which requires us to identify who you are.

Claimed Infringement of Copyright

TotalServe is required by the Copyright Regulations 1969 (Cth) ("the Regulations") to have a 'Designated representative' to receive notifications and notices issued under the Regulations. That person is the Copyright Manager.

For TotalServe to process a notification of alleged infringement, it must comply substantially with all of the criteria prescribed by the Regulations.

Notifications of claimed infringement are to be sent to:

The Copyright Manager
G.P.O. Box 32, Canberra, ACT 2601
E-mail: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

If your notification does not meet all the legal requirements, processing may be delayed under you meet the requirements, or it may not be possible at all to process it. If possible and reasonable, we will notify you if there are any problems that prevent us from processing your notification.

Repeat Infringer Policy

While we strongly believe in treating our customers fairly and we certainly don't monitor our customers activities. We do have an obligation under Australian law to take copyright seriously.

That's why we take action in the following circumstances:


The 'safe harbour' provisions in the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) operate to limit the remedies able to be awarded against an carriage provider, such as TotalServe, for copyright infringement provided that the provider complies with various conditions. These safe harbour provisions require that TotalServe adopt and reasonably implement a policy that provides for termination, in appropriate circumstances, of the accounts of repeat infringers.

Category C (Hosting) and Category D (Search Engine and Linking) Activities

TotalServe may terminate the account of the relevant account holder where one or more of the following conditions has been satisfied:

  1. a ruling from an Australian court with appropriate jurisdiction that an account holder, has repeatedly infringed copyright using a service provided by TotalServe; or
  2. where an account holder admits that they have repeatedly infringed copyright using a service provided by TotalServe.

TotalServe will not terminate customer accounts where the circumstances are not "appropriate circumstances".