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Business web-site hosting featuring multi data-centre failover for high uptime and a highly optimised platform.

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TotalServe offers businesses and power users world-class website hosting with advanced features at an affordable price on our own fault tolerant platform that's spread out across multiple Australian data-centres that guarantee five 9's uptime (99.999%).

Designed for stability, performance and security our platform is 12-years in the making and is built upon our very own control panel that is the platinum standard in the industry.

One plan to rule them all: We offer one (1) simple, configurable hosting plan at $29.95 per month that includes 2 GB of replicated redundant disk space and 20 GB of data transfer. This plan includes all the features you'll expect including: MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite database support. PHP5, Perl/CGI and allows you to host up-to 5 web sites.

Why choose TotalServe to host your business:

  • Redundant platform: Redundant servers and geo-graphically diverse data-centres power your website, every-single aspect of our services is redundant.
  • Advanced optimisations: Our platform is built to host sites powered by Wordpress, ExpressionEngine and Joomla.
  • Backed by a real guarantee: If your website goes down for more than 5-minutes in a year, we'll automatically refund you 100% of your money! It's that simple.
  • Web and application monitoring: We monitor every aspect of our hosting platform and we'll even monitor your website and web-applications.
  • Zero downtime migration by us: Moving hosting providers is a pain. But not anymore! Let our engineers do the migration for you while you sleep.


Our platform has been specifically fined tune to host websites powered by various Content Management Systems including Wordpress, Joomla and ExpressionEngine. We do this by a variety of techniques such as RAM/Memory backed databases, advanced caching techniques and Solid State Drive (SSD) powered servers.

100% Money Back Guarantee

No-risk, 100% money back guarantee: We offer a full money back monthly guarantee - if at any point you're not 100% satisfied with our service, we'll refund your money back!

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Hosting Plan Builder

Simply use our builder below to build your plan, for most of our customers the plan configured by default is perfect.

Disk space: 2 GB

Extras: $1.40 per 1GB

Data transfer out: 20 GB

Extras: $19 per 10GB block

Optional features:

$10 p/month
$8 p/month

Price: $29.95p/month

One Plan Features

We don't offer feature crippled or nasty cheap hosting - we only offer one featured packed plan.

Our One Plan allows you to upgrade/downgrade disk space and data transfer on the fly and includes everything you'll ever need.

Our own control panel with infinite possibilities

We've in-house developed our own control panel that beats the pants off the in-secure CPanel and other alternatives.

However, the biggest advantage is that as we've developed it ourselves - it gives you infinite possibilities. We've modularly built it so that if you want a specific feature, just ask for it and we'll work on it for you!

We think that's fairly cool.

TotalServe One Plan
Price $29.95 per month
Disk Space 2 GB Live Replicated Disk Space (2 GB Usable)
Data Transfer 20 GB OUT / Un-metered IN
Web-hosting Features:
Clustered hosting
Load balanced
Multi data-centre failover
Secured Linux
Memory/RAM backed Databases
2,000% speed-up over hard drives/500% over fibre channel backed storage
Redis Caching Support

Enable 'ExpressionEngine Platform + Redis Caching' in the Hosting Plan Builder
Scripting technologies:
Ruby on Rails
Database features:
Optimised MySQL v5.5+
Multi Server Live Replication
Number of databases No limit
Gross database storage Included in 2 GB disk space
Other features:
InfinityPanel+ Control Panel
Five 9's uptime guarantee (99.999%)
Support guarantee (SLA) 4-hour response time guarantee, 24 hours per day.
SFTP Access
Dedicated SSL
Bring Your Own signed or un-signed SSL certificate
1-hourly version controlled off-site backups / 24-hourly downloadable backups
Monitoring features:
1-minute monitoring of your web-site
Custom monitoring of your web-application

Compare us

Compare us to other Australian hosting providers.

We run weekly benchmarks against an identical test suite across most other hosting providers to see how we stack up.

TotalServe NetRegistry AussieHQ
CMS Optimised
PHP Benchmark 0.47 seconds 1.45 seconds 3.51 seconds
RAM/Memory backed MySQL
MySQL Benchmark 11 seconds 1 minute &
49 seconds
3 minute &
57 seconds
Data security Secured Secured In-secure¹
ExpressionEngine Optimised
Wordpress Optimised
Redis Support
Memcache Support
Multi data-centre clustering
Monitored Downtime since 2009 277 seconds (~5 minutes) 1,149 minutes (~20 hours) 2,380 minutes (~40 hours)

¹ = Accurate as of 30/12/2012. We are able to access data between two of our (separate) purchased accounts, including MySQL passwords stored within configuration files.

We employ a multi-level security approach that ensures absolute maximum security for all our of our customer's data and information.

Unlike most other hosting platforms, we employ security at all levels - beginning at the block level where your data is stored. We compartmentalise your data and make it completely inaccessible by other users.

Up another level we have process level security. This means that the software running your website (e.g. the PHP and web-server processes) are run completely separated from another users which means that a vulnerability on another customers web-site such as an in-secure version of Wordpress will not compromise your site at all.

Security is our absolute #1 priority for our platform. And our own control panel, InfinityPanel is built to ensure maximum security is always maintained.


We're optimised our platform and ExpressionEngine to run like a dream!

Support Plans

All customers are backed by our 4-hour response time guarantee, however we offer optional support plan upgrades for customers that demand higher levels of support.

(Included FREE)
Gold Upgrade
+$19 per month
Platinum Upgrade
+$39 per month
Response Guarantee 4-hours 1-hour ~15 minutes
Resolution Guarantee 12-hours 4-hours 2-hours
Telephone Support
Upgrade Pricing Included FREE $19 per month $39 per month

A-little perk: Discounted access to our suppliers

We buy lots of stuff to maintain not only our hosting infrastructure, but also our customers who we provide managed on-site support to. This gives us powerful buying power with our distributors.

While we're not a hardware retailer at heart and never will be - as a little perk to our customers we give them access to cost price hardware and software sales. Typically discounted between 18-28% lower than anywhere else. This perk alone could save your business thousands!

Why you ask? Because it also benefits us, as the more we buy from distributors the better our buy-pricing becomes and thus, we lower our in-house operational costs and because hardware sales isn't our bread winner, we can give you honest and open advice on what to buy - because it doesn't phase us if we make a sale or not!

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