About Us

TotalServe was founded to offer Australian businesses and power users a choice for stable, fast, affordable and innovative hosting and I.T. support services that never sacrifices privacy or security for profit.

TotalServe's Core Mission Statement

Founded by Michael Pasqualone as a hobby business in 2001 while still in high-school, Michael's an interest in the emerging Internet helped friends, family and local businesses get up and running on-line by hosting and creating websites, and providing computer assistance and purchasing advice.

Today TotalServe has hosted over 7,000 customers from across the globe and continues to innovative and focus on assisting Australian businesses succeed with their I.T. solutions.

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A Brief History Learn what we're about

What originally began as a hobby, soon turned into a serious business venture with the growth of over 7,000 customers by 2004. By 2006 our hosting business had gained the reputation on being focused on providing highly secured services that offered our customers peace of mind and better protection of their privacy. This interest in Internet security saw Michael take onboard a then anonymous whistleblower client that hosted a controversial community website that ultimately contributed to the downfall and dismissal of the Shellharbour City Council of NSW after being found to be corrupt.

Michael was challenged in the NSW Land & Environment Court to shut the whistle-blowing website down by the then corrupt council and to turn over personal information of the alleged whistleblower. Michael challenged this and weathered the months of legal threats. The case opened his eyes to the importance of having Internet anonymity and free speech protection, and as a result he saw a business opportunity to provide secured hosting services that better protected client's freedoms, ideals and on-line privacy.

Over the next several years, TotalServe has grown into a small Australian company of four staff that is focused on providing secured, highly stable and fast web-hosting services plus a suite of complementary I.T. support services, including hardware repairs and on-site support services that will never sacrifice the privacy and security of our clients.

What We Do Hosting, I.T. on-site support & maintenance

At our heart, we're a security and consultancy business that provides total I.T. services which means we're not just your average hosting company. Our clients range from small businesses to Government who engage us to provide anything from simple secured web-hosting, to complete I.T. solutions that see us secure, maintain and support their I.T. infrastructure on-site (and remotely) as-well as hosting their applications, servers and manage their off-site backup solutions.

We provide many services from simple website hosting, to more specialised hosting services such as centrally hosting the applications for many accounting firms who demand absolute maximum protection of their clients data and financial records. We even support the Australian Government with on-site support services and maintain their Macs, PCs and servers.

Meet the team:


Michael is our resident UNIX/Linux guru, C/Objective-C programmer and founder.

Based in Canberra, he's a certified engineer by Apple, Redhat and LPIC-3 and holds over 13-years experience with *NIX solutions big and small.


Aaron is our multi-talented Microsoft and Linux expert.

Based in the United States, Aaron covers our 8pm-8am shift and performs the bulk of all routine maintenance and is responsible to ensure our support is always performing.


Based out of Sydney, Jackson is our repair technician and hardware expert who handles all our repairs for our servers.

Jackson also looks after all customer repairs and helps with deliveries to and from our service centre.


Jessica is our helpful part-time administrative assistant.

Based in Canberra, she ensures paperwork is filed nicely, offices are tidied and chases up any lose ends such as overdue payments and other general office tasks.

Mission Statement

To offer Australian businesses and power users a choice for stable, fast, affordable and innovative hosting and I.T. support services that never sacrifices privacy or security for profit.

We must always provide high quality services at an attractive price.

We'll continually focus on designing interfaces that combine ease of use with the power that advanced users demand.

We will adamantly protect the privacy of our users and customers. TotalServe will only release private information if legally compelled by the courts in accordance with Australian law.

We are committed to engineering our in-house solutions that delivers technically superior services.

We are committed to making the right decisions, even if they're not the easiest or most profitable.